I’m so excited you're here!

You have taken the first step to taking your business to the next level. That takes courage and I’m so proud of you! We're a full-service marketing agency and we've got your back when it comes to creating the success and growth that you so badly crave. Look, we've been there! We love working with business owners like you who are bravely looking to design the life of their dreams.

If own a business and you’re confused on where to start when it comes to marketing your business online, we’re here to help. We know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to create content for your social media marketing channels, come up with ideas for your marketing campaign and even manage a webmaster to develop your website. That’s why we’ve developed this streamlined process where Happy Days Marketing is your one-stop to all of your advertising, marketing and event management needs. Hire our team as your en suite marketing department and let us manage the team.

Below is a sample of some of the pre-packaged solutions we offer however please Contact Us for a custom quote. We'd love to partner with you!


Ashley, here!

I’m a female entrepreneur and ex-advertising exec and I have designed a life that I absolutely love through entrepreneurship. I’ve brought success to many businesses large and small as a marketing consultant within the corporate world for nearly ten years and I created a company to work specifically with business owners and nonprofit organizations on developing and executing their marketing strategies.

If you’re like me, you believe you were meant for really big things.

You are very passionate and have larger than life dreams. If you’re just starting out, trust me — I've been where you are. You wonder if you’ll really be happy with your life in 10 years if you continue down the path you’re on. You want to wake up everyday excited about your work and feel like you’re making a difference. You want to travel the world, eat at glamorous restaurants and design your life on your own terms.

You’re already fabulous and you crave the fabulous life you deserve.

When I started out, I was not an expert! I knew I was meant for something more than life in a cubicle and I sought out my dream of starting my own online business. I invested in myself and made my success non-negotiable. You can too! I even hired my own success coach to be sure I would achieve my goals and dreams to help me create the life that I truly wanted. I am here to help you make that happen.

Event Planning

Event Coordination, Menu Planning, Photography, Swag, Giveaways, Invitations, Thank You Cards, Decor, Promotion, Venues, Guest List, RSVP's, Sponsorships, Partnerships

Social Media Marketing

Design, Copywriting, Community Management, Campaign Management, Success Metrics, Photography, Brand Management, Content Calendar, Content Development


Branded merchandise with your company name! Including but not limited to: Mugs, Tumblers, Cosmetic Bags, Art Prints, Tote Bags, Apparel, Golf Tees, Balls and Towels, Koozies, Bottle Coolers, and much, much more! See Happy Days The Shop for some of our recently developed sophisticated swag.


Photography, Video Edit, Post-production, Commercials, Video Production, Videography, Production Assistance


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